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Interim Joint Matriculation Board. Regulated by Ahmadu Bello University Zaria (ABU) has been in existence for over 40years

Diploma Program

National Innovation Diploma (NID) is diploma awarded by Innovation Enterprise Institutions [IEIs]

Short ICT programs

ITE [Cisco IT Essential] provides an introduction to the technical skills needed to help meet the growing

WordPress Web Design

This class teaches the fundamentals of how websites and the internet works. Thus, learning how to take an idea and display it on the internet using a web framework such as Bootstrap.

Microsoft Office Suite [MOD]

Microsoft office is a suite of applications that we are all familiar with maybe not in practice but in awareness as long as one has been introduced to computers.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing also known as online marketing, is using the internet, other forms of digital communication and relevant tools to promote brands, and to connect with potential customers.

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