Is Formal Education Valuable STILL?

It is the history our fathers tell us, they attended school, studied hard, got good grades, graduated and voila a house, car and a job are waiting. No matter your grade if you like have first class, have you heard companies cannot pay for the certificate you have? Yes, you have masters but they want ND (National Diploma)

Now you are a depressed and frustrated graduate maybe you study microbiology you end up becoming a teacher or a medical doctor then you end up working in a bank. I am sure you know it’s a real-life scenario for some after graduation they end up as Uber/Bolt drivers, market goers, food mongers just name it. We know the number of master degree holders that applied for Dangote truck driver.

Wait! Here is the misery you graduated with no job and you still preach University education to your siblings and loved ones? Is University education still valuable?

Simple and short answer: yes, attending school and doing well is not a bad culture at all. But what course do you want to study? How long should you study it?  where should you study? Why should you study it? What do you need to check out before studying it? Follow our weekly articles lets discuss the future of education and technology.


Olusola Solomon