Continuing Education

Continuing education for young or mature candidates looking to add focused skills in


Software Development is the art of designing and implementing a program solution in a computer system to provide users with required functionality. This solution could have a graphic user interface or be operated from text-based consoles (e.g.

command prompt). A program may be as simple as a script to display a series of images or as complex as an online banking system processing over 10 million transactions a day. The use of programs has increased exponentially over the last 10 years considering the most used computers are Phones such that there is increasing

demand and supply of Applications that run on phones; creating and adding value to our daily lives.


To sum up the current state of technology today, a rapid growth of networks is the major problem for all users of technology. With the growing addition of smart wearable devices, cameras as well as common smartphones and desktop computers our existing networks are going to be overloaded. Therefore, the capacity of the networks needs to be increased on an infrastructure level as well as highly-skilled manpower.


  • Software Development: Java Development, Web development, Database management etc.
  • Networking: CCNA, IT Essentials etc.


  • ICM: International Business communication
  • ICM: Applications
  • ICM: Computer Project management


  •  Microsoft Office Suite
  •  Graphic Design
  • Summer school for adolescents

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