Oct 04

Is Formal Education Valuable STILL?

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It is the history our fathers tell us, they attended school, studied hard, got good grades, graduated and voila a house, car and a job are waiting. No matter your grade if you like have first class, have you heard companies cannot pay for the certificate you have? Yes, you have masters but they want […]

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Apr 16


Nspire School of Management and Technology Limited formerly Nspire Educational Services Limited’s was incorporated in 2011 and operates in Abuja and Ibadan. The institution is an Innovation Enterprise Institution (IEI) and has the strategic intent of producing skilled ICT personnel in Nigeria. IEIs are private sector driven institutions approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria […]

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Apr 08

A’ Level coaching

IJMB: Interim Joint Matriculation Board examination The IJMB Program is an Advanced Level Program intended for candidates seeking direct entry admission into 200 level in Nigerian and Foreign Universities. The IJMB was set up in 1970, under statue 5 of the Ahmadu Bello University Law and has since been undertaken in different universities across the […]

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Apr 07

Institute of Commercial Management: ICM

Established in 1979 as charity for global outreach; today ICM continues to lead in commercial and business management training as a professional body for the personal development of learners looking to strengthen their position in their respective commercial sectors. We Nspire School are an approved center to run the professional qualifications in: Professional Computing and […]

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Apr 03

National Innovative Diploma

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Computer Software Engineering Our National Innovative Diploma is the perfect environment for a novice to learn the necessary steps in becoming a good software engineer. In our program, candidates will learn English communication, technical writing, Logical reasoning as well as the latest & most widely used software technologies such as Oracle Database, Oracle Java, Microsoft […]

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Apr 01

Continuing Education

Continuing education for young or mature candidates looking to add focused skills in Technology Software Development is the art of designing and implementing a program solution in a computer system to provide users with required functionality. This solution could have a graphic user interface or be operated from text-based consoles (e.g. command prompt). A program […]

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Mar 03

Orientation Program

Orientation Program

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